Main Meals

Corned Beef Hash

Sometimes you just need a filling, hearty meal to get you through the day, especially on cold, driech, windy days of Autumn. This version of a Corned Beef Hash won’t just fill you up, but it’s lipsmackingly tasty and fairly cheap to put together!   What you Need: Onion Corned Beef Potato Salt Pepper Butter…… Continue reading Corned Beef Hash


Main Meals

Taylor’s Leftover Chicken Jalfrezi

Using leftovers from any Roast is a superb way of cutting costs and using your meat to its fullest, this recipe is a quick way of rustling up a dish that’ll heat your boots and fill your stomachs! What you need: Sauce 1/2 Onion 2-3 garlic cloves Chilli Tin of Tomatoes Chicken Stock (or water…… Continue reading Taylor’s Leftover Chicken Jalfrezi