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Crispy Chinese Duck Breast

From time to time I get handed game from friends who know my passion well. This week was a couple of Duck Breast. I had been thinking about a Chinese meal for a few weeks since visiting the Oriental supermarket in Stirling, bingo!

What you’ll need

  • 2 Plump Duck Breasts
  • Salt
  • Chinese Five Spice

1. Start by criss-crossing the skin on your duck. Use a sharp knife and try not to cut right through into the actual meat.


2. Then season both sides with salt & Chinese 5 spice. Rub it right in.

3. Get your pan *smoking* hot, then stick the breasts in skin side down WITHOUT ANY OIL. Sear for 3 mins adding a little weight with a spatula to ensure all that side is in contact with the pan.

4. Flip and sear for a minute then bang in a preheated oven at 180c

  • 3-5mins rare
  • 5mins medium
  • 8mins well done


5. And done Perfect Chinese Crispy duck breasts. I’ll use these in a noodle dish tomorrow night. Mind to let it rest before tucking in! Also if you let it cool then stick it in the fridge, you can slice it very thinly for whatever sandwich treats you fancy for the next few days. Adding a fruit based sauce adds a real delight to the taste-buds. Look out for my Plum Ketchup!









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