Main Meals

Taylor’s Leftover Chicken Jalfrezi

Using leftovers from any Roast is a superb way of cutting costs and using your meat to its fullest, this recipe is a quick way of rustling up a dish that’ll heat your boots and fill your stomachs! What you need: Sauce 1/2 Onion 2-3 garlic cloves Chilli Tin of Tomatoes Chicken Stock (or water…… Continue reading Taylor’s Leftover Chicken Jalfrezi

Main Meals · Scottish Food

Venison Casserole

True Scottish comfort food with an Irish twist, a rich and filling autumnal venison casserole, served with Colcannon Mash This is what you’ll need: Seasoned flour Venison Shallots Garlic Beetroot Carrots Redcurrant Jelly Red Wine Stock – Beef or Game Bay Thyme Step 1: Start by coating venison with seasoned flour in a bag. Step 2: Then…… Continue reading Venison Casserole

Main Meals

Swedish inspired meatballs

Spaghetti Meatballs are a favourite in my house, but sometimes you just fancy doing something different with them. This is an excellent alternative that’ll get your family coming back for more!   This is what you’ll need: Mince Onion Milk Egg Garlic Breadcrumbs Allspice Salt Pepper Butter Flour Wholegrain Mustard Beef Stock Cranberry Jelly Double…… Continue reading Swedish inspired meatballs