Desserts · Vegetarian Food

Crunchie Munchy Twixy Mars Cake

True heart attack food, but so damn good. I often take this with me into the hills in case I need a quick injection of energy!   This is what you’ll need: Mars bars Twix bars Crunchie bars Dairy Milk Digestive biscuits Margarine Golden syrup Double cream Extra sweets to decorate Paramedic Step 1: Line…… Continue reading Crunchie Munchy Twixy Mars Cake

Main Meals · Vegetarian Food

Butterbean & Cheddar Burgers

Righto folks This is what you’ll need for a delish butterbean and Cheddar burger snack. Yes this is a veggie dish, but I wanted to prove even meat lovers like myself can make tasty delish veggie meals What you’ll need: 1 Tin of Butterbeans Onion Garlic Cheddar cheese Flour Egg Breadcrumbs. Step 1: Drain and…… Continue reading Butterbean & Cheddar Burgers

Soups · Vegetarian Food

Roasted Winter Butternut Squash Soup

This is what you will need: butternut squash onion carrot garlic stock coriander smoked paprika Step 1: Peel & keep the skin of your butternut, this can be made into Butternut Squash Crisps later. Discard seeds & pulp. Chop, toss with oil salt & pepper. 190 for 15 minutes Step 2: Fry yer onion, garlic &…… Continue reading Roasted Winter Butternut Squash Soup