Main Meals

Chicken & Chorizo Salad

Sometimes during a Scottish summer the sun comes out, it’s hard to believe I know, so for a change of pace this salad won’t only set your taste-buds alight, but will also fill you!   What you need: Chicken Chorizo Olive oil Garlic White Wine Vinegar Fresh Tarragon Tomatoes Rocket Mayonnaise Pepper   Step 1:…… Continue reading Chicken & Chorizo Salad


Main Meals · Scottish Food

Venison Casserole

True Scottish comfort food with an Irish twist, a rich and filling autumnal venison casserole, served with Colcannon Mash This is what you’ll need: Seasoned flour Venison Shallots Garlic Beetroot Carrots Redcurrant Jelly Red Wine Stock – Beef or Game Bay Thyme Step 1: Start by coating venison with seasoned flour in a bag. Step 2: Then…… Continue reading Venison Casserole

Desserts · Vegetarian Food

Crunchie Munchy Twixy Mars Cake

True heart attack food, but so damn good. I often take this with me into the hills in case I need a quick injection of energy!   This is what you’ll need: Mars bars Twix bars Crunchie bars Dairy Milk Digestive biscuits Margarine Golden syrup Double cream Extra sweets to decorate Paramedic Step 1: Line…… Continue reading Crunchie Munchy Twixy Mars Cake

Main Meals

Swedish inspired meatballs

Spaghetti Meatballs are a favourite in my house, but sometimes you just fancy doing something different with them. This is an excellent alternative that’ll get your family coming back for more!   This is what you’ll need: Mince Onion Milk Egg Garlic Breadcrumbs Allspice Salt Pepper Butter Flour Wholegrain Mustard Beef Stock Cranberry Jelly Double…… Continue reading Swedish inspired meatballs

Main Meals · Vegetarian Food

Butterbean & Cheddar Burgers

Righto folks This is what you’ll need for a delish butterbean and Cheddar burger snack. Yes this is a veggie dish, but I wanted to prove even meat lovers like myself can make tasty delish veggie meals What you’ll need: 1 Tin of Butterbeans Onion Garlic Cheddar cheese Flour Egg Breadcrumbs. Step 1: Drain and…… Continue reading Butterbean & Cheddar Burgers